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Price ListKeith's CollectionDecal VariationsSpecial Order & Custom Decals
A Man Driving on Red Tractor

Looking for the best decals
for your Cockshutt or Co-op?
We've got 'em all!

Extensive research and attention to detail allows us to offer the most complete, period correct and authentic decals for Cockshutt & Co-op tractors and equipment. We have been collectors and enthusiasts for years and want only the best decals for our own tractors as well as yours!

Careful study of original tractors and equipment while utilizing factory blueprints and new old stock decals enables us to offer the best decals ever. Our decals are a must have for any collector or enthusiast concerned about preserving a part of Cockshutt history. 

We offer complete and partial sets as well as individual replacement decals. Sets include all safety (correct five color on 10 Series), drain, air cleaner, oil filter, power steering, and shift pattern as required by model. Also included are location diagrams to assist you. Certain optional accessory decals, nose strip lettering, engine identification and shift pattern tags are not included. Please see our decal sheet for more information.

A Man Driving on Red Tractor
Red Tractor
Feel free to browse through photographs of Keith’s Kollection and Customer’s Cockshutt’s. Here you will find photographs showing various styles of decals such as the Co-op E3 Early Style and several others.
Looking for unique decals to decorate your milk cans, gasoline containers, oil cans or lamp stands? Available are the Mechanized Farmhand, early style Big “C”, and Co-op logo’s in various sizes.
Decals are also available for various plows, planters, mowers and implements.
Please contact us for your specific needs.

About Us

  In 1996, Keith started out by making the wheatland fender decal for the Cockshutt 35, 40 and 50 that was not available.
Other individual decals soon followed.
A few years later, the opportunity presented itself to handle and update all the decals
for Cockshutt, Black Hawk, Gambles Farmcrest and Co-op tractors.
For a period of approximately 14 years, starting in 1993, Keith volunteered to be the first editor
 while naming the Cockshutt Quarterly magazine- the official publication of the 
International Cockshutt Club ( Stepping down in 2006, he later had the honor
 of being bestowed upon the Club’s Bob Schwaderer Memorial Award in 2012.
With all this knowledge and experience, he has been a valuable source for information,
 helping many collectors and enthusiasts over the years.

Keep on talkin’ Cockshutt!!!

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